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Welcome to JAMEELA JAMIL FAN, your online resource dedicated to the English actress, writer and activist Jameela Jamil. You may know Jameela from her role in The Good Place. She has also worked as a television host, radio DJ and model . At Jameela-Jamil.com, it is out aim to bring you all the latest news, information a growing image gallery and much more on Jameela and her evolving career. We hope you enjoy your stay - please bookmark the website and come back soon.

Facts & Trivia

At a glance

Name: Jameela Alia Jamil
Birthdate: February 25th, 1986
Birthplace: London
Current Residence: California
Marital Status: Dating James Blake

  1. She was an English teacher before she began her career in the entertainment industry.

  2. Her first job in the entertainment industry was for the British network T4, she was a presenter (host).

  3. She was born with congenital hearing loss & labyrinthitis. As a result she couldn’t really hear until she was 12. She had to have 7 operations, and still has difficulty hearing.

  4. She went to a special needs primary school. She feels that it helped shape her need to do as much as she can for people with disabilities.

  5. The entertainment industry was never something she had a desire or intention to join.

  6. She was “discovered” in a pub by a producer for T4. He thought she was funny and asked her to e-mail him a show reel. Two weeks later she was hired as a presenter for the network.

  7. She was convinced she would be fired from T4, and kept her teaching job for 8 months just in case they realized casting her was a mistake.

  8. Her aspiration was always to be a writer.

  9. She has worked as a columnist for publications Cosmopolitan, Company, & The Huffington Post.

  10. She unintentionally created the “I Weigh” movement after seeing a photo of the Kardashians with their weight written across. She wanted to show what you weigh isn’t the number on the scale, and posted a photo of her with all of the things that make her who she is. It went viral with others joining in.

  11. She was bullied in school, because she was considered overweight and didn’t want to do drugs/party.

  12. She struggled with her weight and self image. Eventually becoming anorexic. She didn’t have a proper meal from the ages 12-17.

  13. When she was 17 she was struck by a car into another car and broke her back. She couldn’t walk for a year.

  14. The accident forced her to change her relationship with her body and made her gain weight. She says she probably would still be anorexic if it hadn’t happened.

  15. She is very clumsy and accident prone. She has given herself the nickname Bambi.

  16. She has had several injuries including concussions, and broken teeth.

  17. One of those injuries happened on camera while filming a special for Orange RockCorps. She slipped and broke her elbow, front tooth, and gave herself a concussion.

  18. She has had roughly the same haircut for her entire life.

  19. She says the book The Yes Man by Danny Wallace had a profound impact on her life.

  20. She launched her first clothing line 2012.

  21. She later created a clothing line exclusively for sizes 10-32.

  22. Her mother is a domestic abuse survivor. After finding the courage to press charges against her ex-husband, she found out that the statute of limitations was only 6 months. She campaigned to pass a law extending the statute. “Shireen’s Law” was passed in 2015, extending the statute to 2 years.

  23. In 2015 she created the campaign “Why Not People?” in an attempt to give people with disabilities the same access to events and venues as people without.

  24. She competed on the British show, The Great Comic Relief Bake Off in support of Red Nose Day.

  25. She was the first female host for BBC’s Radio 1 chart show.

  26. In 2016 a doctor found a lump in her breast. She had to wait a week to find out it wasn’t cancerous. During that week she made a bucket list, and decided no matter what she was going to start marking things off. That’s when she decided to take the leap and move to America.

  27. She wanted to come to America, because she found it to be more diverse than in England.

  28. She came to America with no job prospects, no visa, no contacts, and no plan.

  29. She once accidentally attempted to curl her hair with a vibrator.

  30. She got lost on her way to her audition for The Good Place, and asked a girl who she thought might also be auditioning if she knew where it was. The girl directed her in the opposite direction. Once she found out where she really needed to be she saw the girl in the waiting room.

I have a TON of additional facts to add at a later date.