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Jameela Jamil Talks Lockdown In LA And Her Empowering New Podcast

‘The two words to describe me right now are just “horrified” and “bloated”,’ Jameela Jamil says, speaking to Grazia from lockdown in Los Angeles. She is spending it with her friends and boyfriend. ‘We’re basically living in a frat house,’ she laughs. ‘I have to do all of my Instagram lives or news appearances from one tiny corner of my house because it’s the only part of my house which is clean.’ Minutes later she politely asks her boyfriend, musician James Blake, to shut the door as he starts playing video game Fortnite.

The former T4 presenter, now better known for her role in The Good Place and her activism, is speaking to Grazia as she launches her I Weigh podcast, which discusses mental health with the likes of Billy Porter, Gloria Steinem and Roxanne Gay. ‘We considered actually putting the release date] off when the pandemic hit because I feel gross promoting anything which isn’t [the NHS,’ she explains. ‘But, at the same time, this conversation about mental health couldn’t be more timely – people are stuck in doors with no access to therapy, and no one to talk to.’

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