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Welcome to JAMEELA JAMIL FAN, your online resource dedicated to the English actress, writer and activist Jameela Jamil. You may know Jameela from her role in The Good Place. She has also worked as a television host, radio DJ and model . At Jameela-Jamil.com, it is out aim to bring you all the latest news, information a growing image gallery and much more on Jameela and her evolving career. We hope you enjoy your stay - please bookmark the website and come back soon.

I am so excited to announce the grand opening of Jameela Jamil Fan, a fansite dedicated to the talented British actress & activist. You may recognize Jameela from her current role as Tahani Al-Jamil on NBC’s The Good Place. However, prior to Jameela’s breakout role on American television she was known for her work as a British television presenter, BBC Radio 1 host, DJ, fashion designer, stylist, columnist, music manager, teacher, and she is currently writing a book.

A big thank you to my friend Jay for her generous contributions. Feel free to browse the site and take advantage of our extensive photo archive featuring over 9,400 photos. The site is still growing. I have so much more in store including thousands of additional photos, a video archive, and more. Please, check back and bookmark us. You can also follow us on Twitter or Tumblr for all the latest Jameela news & site updates. Thank you for visiting, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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