Press: ‘Why Not People’ Launch

Radio One DJ, Jameela Jamil tells Able about a new events company that specialises in making sure that there is full accessibility for a large number of disabled people at music venues.

What’s different about Why Not People? is that rather than have them at the side or on a platform, separated from their friends and family, they’ll be at the front, in the middle of all the action with their friends and family.

Who are you aiming to help?

We cater to people with different impairments, so that’s physical, hearing, sight and so on. For people with hearing impairments we even have SubPac technology which allows you to ‘feel’ the music.

It’s a very safe environment because as a members club we know about what you need and we look after you.

How do you integrate wheelchair users into the audience, rather than having them on a separate platform?

We have a seating structure; three seats and then a wheelchair – three seats and then a wheelchair – so you can bring up to three of your mates and two wheelchair users could be next to each other – it’s just collapsible seating basically. We’ve had the chief medical officer of the Paralympics oversee the whole thing.

If you look at Wembley Arena, there are 90,000 seats but out of those only 0.35% have disabled access – at Wembley Arena, one of the most developed buildings in our country! That’s a pretty strong reflection as to how negligent we’re being. We’re basically shutting out a huge portion of our society – 11.8 million people have a disability in this country and it seems embarrassing to me that businesses don’t open their doors to them.

If Wembley had more wheelchair spaces would they sell more tickets?

The point is that we’re still shutting out a huge portion of our society and its embarrassing how few people you see with wheelchairs or walking aids out and about in clubs, bars and restaurants and you just think: ‘well, it’s because there aren’t ramps or railings where there should be’. There is one disabled access toilet for every 10 non-disabled access toilets.

First of all, every toilet should be accessible – and obviously every so often you have places that are in the basement; I can understand that it’s very difficult, but people have to make the necessary changes.

Disabled people have a spending power of £80 billion – it doesn’t have to be a charity thing – it should just be something that businesses do in order to make money. Stop looking at people as a pity case – just look at them as relevant customers who are just looking to go somewhere to shake of the week.

Have you had to ‘sell’ this idea to venues? Have the figures helped you?

Yes, they really have and I think it’s also been about watching my best friend who has cerebral palsy, miss out socially so much because of his disability, because he’s treated so differently. There’s still this awkwardness around people with disability because they’re not seen socially on a day-to-day basis. I just think that that’s so embarrassing because I was disabled for a period of time before and I’m no different now to who I was then – I can just walk now, whereas I couldn’t walk then. I find it embarrassing that we’ve come so far with all of our technology and we can’t make these basic gestures.

Members of the scheme can buy tickets for themselves and three of their friends. So the choices are in their hands for a change…

Well, that was purely because I knew we’d have an amazing line-up (of artists doing accessible gigs) and I didn’t want all of the tickets to go immediately to people who didn’t have a disability. I wanted to make sure that the room was full of an equal proportion of people with disabilities; that was really important to me. So I like the fact that if you were the only one who had the chance to buy the tickets, that people with disabilities would be in control. That way with the members club, we’d be able to see who was coming and make sure that we’d be able to take care of them appropriately, according to their condition.

It looks like you’re also aiming for this to be a social community

Absolutely, the thing is that we want to eventually have our own kind of online presence when it comes to having chat rooms where you know it’s safe because the people would all be members and they could meet up at gigs.

We’re looking for it to be a whole social movement because we’d like to change the fact that it doesn’t feel as if disabled people are being integrated properly into society. That’s why we want them to be able to bring their mates along. Rather than it just be a room full of people with disabilities, we want to show that clubs can be full of variation and that it can be a great night out – and that its fun and everyone spends money and they go home and they’ve had a lovely time.

You’ve got a great line-up of artists wanting to play accessible gigs. How did you get Ed Sheeran and Coldplay involved?

I just called them and asked. Why wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t?

Perhaps that’s it… It’s about asking why don’t you..?

Exactly. I didn’t need to shame anyone into it; everyone just thought: what a great idea. Why hasn’t it been done before? That was exciting for me – really nice. There was so much love from all of the artists. I wanted to go for the biggest because I wanted to prove to other venues that haven’t bothered to make their places accessible that big artists do come and they do want to play to this audience and that this audience do want to come out and buy the tickets – so it’s way overdue.

Source: Able Magazine

Press/Video: Inside Jameela Jamil’s Christmas list…

Press/Video: Inside Jameela Jamil’s Christmas list…

With a little help from Pandora, Jameela has listed her ultimate festive wish list so there’ll be no sad faces around the tree this year

Christmas is just around the corner (the John Lewis advert has arrived, after all) which means the world and its wife are busy in the throws of organising all the important details to make this year the best it can be.

But radio DJ extraordinaire, Jameela Jamil, has gone one step further, making some very generous efforts to save her family and friends the trauma of working out what on earth to buy her. She’s used Pandora’s brilliant wishlist function to compile a list of all things Pandora she’d like to find under the tree this coming December 25th. GENIUS.

1) The PANDORA daisy stacking rings
2) Circus letters with fairy lights inside spelling out JAM
3) Small mp3 playing jukebox
4)A Lulu Guinness silver mirror lips clutch
5) A pair of Nicolas Kirkwood shoes
6) PANDORA feather necklace
7) A good Fuji mini Polaroid camera
8) Jake Gyllenhaal’s phone number
9) Matthew Williamson big pink and blue furry jacket
10) Are we allowed to ask for people? If we are allowed to ask for people, please can I have Lena Dunham? I promise to keep her carefully.

One of the people who will be especially relieved to read Jameela’s Christmas wishlist is her fellow presenter and pal Rick Edwards. Let’s face it, Jameela wouldn’t mince her words if he presented her with a less-than-impressive pair of Dad socks, would she?

Yeah, they’re not the best liars in the world, are they? Which is why it’s a super-brilliant idea to create your own wishlist. It’s simple: head to this nifty section of the Pandora site, sign up, browse the site to see which stacking rings, charms and other Pandora beauties you’d like to unwrap this year, pop them into a nice list, share them on social media or via email with all those loved ones who are planning to treat you this Christmas, and just like magic: it’s a happy Crimbo all round.

And if Pandora weren’t doing enough for you this Christmas, they’re also playing Santa themselves with an unmissable competition. Once you’ve signed up to the PANDORA Club, created and then shared your wishlist, you’ll automatically be entered into the #PANDORAwishes competition where you could win a £500 gift card to spend on Pandora goodies, as well as one of three ultimate wishes, one of which comes straight from Jameela’s own Christmas list. Yeah, AMAZING, right?

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press: Jameela Jamil on nailing the perfect manicure

Press: Jameela Jamil on nailing the perfect manicure

The face of the new Elegant Touch Express Nails, presenter Jameela Jamil, has a refreshing approach to being a brand ambassador. Here she tells Cosmo’s Online Beauty Editor that beauty is all about expressing yourself, NOT about must-haves.

Ever true-to-herself Jameela Jamil is a loud-and-proud feminist, and you don’t often see her putting her name, or face, to commercial products. But with her stunning features, model stature and confident signature style you can see why she’d sell them. “I’m always quite sceptical because I get approached by brands quite a lot and I don’t want to put my name to something that will fail young women,” she says.

So what was different about Elegant Touch? The media star has just got a gig fronting their new Express Nails collection. Yes, stick-on nails. “I was always very anti stick-on nails because my association with them is hooker nails! You know, square nails looking like Wolverine’s cousin, and I wonder ‘how do you go to the loo?’ – but these are natural and really beautiful.”

“I looked at the collection – it was as if they designed it for me. They didn’t, but it’s everything I wanted. They’re quirky, fun, edgy, a bit bold. They can encourage a woman who doesn’t incorporate a lot of colour into her wardrobe to start playing with colour and patterns and to have a bit of extra personality in what she wears without having to commit to a new dress or outfit. They’re an accessory that don’t care how old you are, how tall you are, what size you are or what your style is. They’re non-discriminating.” Well we never thought of nail products in that way but she’s right. Plus at £7.99 a pack they’re very affordable, and an easy way to accessorise if you’re not clothing-confident.

“I didn’t know anything about fashion when I joined the industry. I went from having three tracksuits to landing Alexa Chung’s position – the style icon of Britain! I think nail colour was how I started to experience. Then jewellery, then bags and shoes and finally my clothes. Accessories are a safe, non-committal way to start.”

And being stick-on and flick-off these nails seem pretty easy for accessory addicts to match to their moods, and perfect for commitment-phobes – which Jameela admits to being – as well as “the biggest sinner when it comes to the mini cab manicure”.

“They’re really quick. They’re really comfortable. They are convenient. What’s nice as well is that don’t damage your nails at all. I tried acrylics once and they ruined my nails, it took me six months to grow them out.”

But it seems these temporary adornments are the furthest Jameela will go in experimenting with her beauty look. “I get a lock of stick for the fact that I don’t change up my hair and makeup, but I’m a broadcaster not a model. I encourage women to do what they want to do. You know those two words ‘must-have’, I think they’re really unhealthy. Of course its business but it creates a panic that you have to have something otherwise you’re not good enough. I learnt that the hard way when I got some pleather crocodile flares! Topshop said they were must-have! You have to dress for your shape, your taste and your skin colour.” Wise words, Ms Jamil.

Well we LOVE her signature style, with the quirky star sticker on her face. “They’re from Rymans, I used to be a teacher and had lots of gold stars hanging around. I had to interview Russell Brand and I had the worst spots at the time and I thought if I put stickers on my face it would distract. And it worked! My T4 producer said it looked ridiculous and to never do it again and to spite him I did it for a year and then it kinda caught on.”

So is it true she ALWAYS does her own hair and makeup? Yes. “I always do my own makeup. I’m not really into preening. I cut my own hair because I don’t want to be in the salon for two hours. A spa is my idea of a hostage situation – it turns into Prison Break, I’m there in my dressing gown trying to find an exit.”

Although she presumes no one would want a masterclass in her makeup, upon request she explains her eyeliner technique: “I use Bobbi Brown or Maybelline Gel. I cover the line of my eye first, do the centre bit, then I use a really thin brush and layer to make it thicker. I do the inside and outside afterwards. Really slowly, then a millimetre each side and another millimetre each side and keep doing that until they’re completely even. My eyes are naturally uneven – like an orangutan’s tits, but I fake it with eyeliner!”

Well if that’s not self-expression, we don’t know what is.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press/Video: Jameela Jamil wins Cosmopolitan’s Radio Personality 2013

What a worthy winner

Making history by being promoted from the Radio 1 Request Show to become the first female solo presenter of The Official Chart Show on Radio 1, there couldn’t possibly be a more deserving winner of Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Radio Personality Award.

Picking up her gong tonight, she talked about the honour it was to receive the award from “her heroes” Fearne Cotton and Scott Mills (who she is most definitely in the same league as now).

Congratulations Jam!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press/Radio: Jameela Jamil Exclusive Interview BBC Radio 1 Chart

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Jameela Jamil Exclusive Interview BBC Radio 1 Chart……

Jameela Jamil from BBC Radio 1 talks to Belfield about her life and career in fashion on TV & Radio.

JJ shot to fame on T4 and since then she’s become a top model, social commentator & inspiration for her generation.

Hear how Jam Jam copes with fame, success and presented the most famous radio show at BBC Radio 1.

Jameela is currently promoting ‘LifeSkills’ giving young people the opportunity to get ‘work experience of a lifetime’.

Jamil, nickname “Jam-Jam”, was born in Hampstead to an Indian father and an English mother.

At school, Jamil says she was “bookish and shy […] Back then it was all about comfort. I literally didn’t care what I wore”.

Her interests include art and biology. At the age of 17, Jamil was struck by a car, breaking several bones and damaging her spine.

She was confined to bed for a year; she weighed 126 pounds (57 kg) (9 st) before the accident and gained 77 pounds (35 kg) (5 st 7 lb) while convalescing. She was told that she might never walk again, but after steroid treatment and physiotherapy she slowly recovered, using a Zimmer frame to start walking. She rapidly lost weight, returning to her original weight.

Jamil taught English to foreign students at the Callan School of English, Oxford Street, London; she also worked as a model, photographer, and as a fashion scout for Premier Model Management Limited.

Of her political views, she stated “It’s not a matter of who’s got the better policies – it’s literally a case of thinking ‘Who’s less evil?’” and prior to the 2010 general election said “I’m so confused as to who’s actually worse. And I just don’t think there’s much of a point voting for the Lib Dems.”

In February 2012 it was announced that she would host the Radio 1 Request Show broadcasting every Sunday from 7-9pm.

On 9 November 2012, it was announced that she would take control of the The Radio 1 Chart Show, after it was announced Reggie Yates would be leaving.

She hosted her first chart show on 13 January 2013. In June 2012 Jamil collaborated with to debut her first fashion collection

Recorded 2/5/2013 By Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

Source: Celebrity Radio

Press: 10 minutes with… Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil is a fashion star – she’s in the process of showing off her third collection for – not bad, eh? But she confesses that she wasn’t always so stylish – find out what fashion crimes she’s been found guilty of in the past…

It’s hard to believe that Jameela Jamil hasn’t always been a success in the style department – she often makes it on the best dressed lists, and no one rocks a pair of shorts quite like her – and not to mention the fact that her range is a massive HIT. Here she talks fashion mistakes, wardrobe inspiration and why being in a car accident affected the way she thinks about clothes…

“I was a disaster until I was 17, and then I got hit by a car so I was out of action for two years – I didn’t wear anything apart from pyjamas. I’d gained loads of weight on steroids and I was all embarrassed about it, and rather than dressing my curves I tried to cover up, which just made me look bigger – like I was working on a building site all the time.”

This experience has given Jameela a very firm conviction that women should dress to suit their shapes, rather than simply following fashion trends.

Jameela admits that when she first started working on TV, her style was definitely a work in progress.

“I used to dress like I was going to a disco everywhere I went, because I thought that’s what people on telly wear, because I had no experience whatsoever, so I just thought you get as dressed up as you possibly can – so I’d wander around looking like I was going to a ball at every normal event!”

These days, however, her wardrobe staple is shoes – and lots of them: “I’m too scared to count! It’s well over a hundred… really quirky shoes. I don’t have any normal shoes – I don’t buy shoes unless they amaze me.”

On describing what she’s in to right now, Jameela said: ‘I love flattering LBDs, a little black dress is the key. She also wears a lot of “fairly plain clothes”, which she jazzes up with clever accessorising. “It’s always the accessories, the bags, the hats – but they’re always incredibly flattering and they’re always a little bit different. That’s my personal style – you have well-made, well-fitting clothes and then it’s up to you to add your extra bit of personality onto them.”

So who does Jameela look to for style inspiration? “Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth. I love them… Kate Bosworth is just to die for, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just effortlessly chic. Again, all of her clothes are very plain, it’s the way she puts them together.

Same with Kate Moss, she’s got a uniform of jeans, black t-shirts, jackets, vests – it’s the way you put the items together that makes great wardrobes. The women that I love wear plain clothes but they wear them together amazingly.”

Jameela believes that dressing up is good for your self-esteem: “It’s just saying ‘I think I’m worth making an effort for today – I’m not doing it for a man, I’m not doing it for a woman, I’m not doing it to impress other girls in the office or at school. I think I’m worth making an effort for’.”

Jameela, we couldn’t agree with you more..

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press: Jameela Jamil launches her fashion line for Very

Press: Jameela Jamil launches her fashion line for Very

Last night Cosmo partied with Jameela Jamil to have an exclusive first look at her new collection for

Gosh, it’s a hard life being a Cosmo girl, last night we hot-footed it over to London’s uber exclusive hotspot, Sketch for a sneaky little look at JAM by Jameela Jamil, her debut collection for Very.

Following in the footsteps of Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby, Jameela has delivered a feel-good autumn winter collection consisting of paint-box primary colours and gorgeous prints combined with classic pieces and red-carpet worthy delights.

And you’ll be pleased to know, Jameela’s collection is a ‘bodycon-free zone’; there are cozy knits and ladylike shirts, cute playsuits and the most gorgeous prom dress we’ve ever seen. Plus, there are slouchy separates for the daytime and cinched in silhouettes for the evening. She’s done it all – and we can’t forget the super cool paw print pieces – LOVE.

Jameela, who looked stunning in one of her own designs, told us: “I’m so nervous. Seriously, I’m REALLY nervous – I feel sick. I put my all to this collection, I even painted the pattern on this dress I’m wearing. I put my all in to it, sketches, painting, materials, everything.”

Talented and modest, could we more of a Jameela fan right now? With prices starting from £20, It looks like JAM by Jameela Jamil is going to be this season’s biggest hit.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press/Video: See the celebs supporting our F-word campaign

Jameela Jamil, Emma Bunton, Annie Lennox and many more celebs tell us why they use the F-word and what being a feminist means to them. Plus, check out the guys who think equal salary is a cause worth fighting for!

It started as a small idea and quickly, it’s grown into Cosmo’s biggest campaign ever. See which celebs have donned their F-word T-shirts and joined us!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press: Jameela Jamil is the new face of nails inc

Press: Jameela Jamil is the new face of nails inc

The gorgeous T4 presenter is the face and nails of the hot nail polish brand

Jameela Jamil is one presenter we keep a beady eye on for fashion inspiration… And it seems that cult beauty brand nails inc have picked up on the presenter’s cool style and bagged her to be the face of their brand new A/W campaign.

Flying the flag for the British brand T4 beauty Jameela sports a Union Jack cocktail ring along with her ruby-red nail polish. This blue-red shade is called Charing Cross and is new for A/W. As ever, the nails inc colours take their influence from the catwalk and this particular red was inspired by the bold bright hues on Prada A/W12 runway.

Congrats Jameela! We can’t wait to see more of this beautiful collaboration.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Press: T4 on the Beach is Back!

Cosmo caught up with T4 On The Beach’s presenters Jameela Jamil and Nick Grimshaw so they could fill us in on this year’s seaside spectacular…

Silly question but, are you excited?

Nick: Yeah, I’m ready for it.

Jameela: Of course! It’s such a great day out. A perfect day really. I mean, they have a celebrity disco!

What goes on there?

We’ve got bands DJ-ing, a catwalk…It’s going to be really exciting. And we’ve got a sessions stage for the slightly smaller and acoustic bands, then the main stage. It’s a stellar round up – it really is.

Who are you most looking forward to?

Jameela: N-Dubz. They feel like our house band.

Nick: I’m really excited about Katy B. I saw her recently and I love her album.

Jameela: I also like Wretch 32’s song Unorthodox with Example so I can’t wait to see him. It always gets an amazing crowd reaction. I think it’s going to be a big summer song.

Who isn’t? How different is being in front of such a huge crowd to being in the studio?

Nick: Its way more fun.

Jameela: There’s more of an atmosphere. 48,000 screaming teenagers who have been queuing to get in since silly o’clock. It’s incredible. It brings out the best in us as presenters because we want to bring something extra too.

Ever seen anything that’s shocked you?

Jameela: JLS’s fans always shock me. It’s the weeping that goes on. It’s like you fear for the band’s safety.

That might be The Wanted this year…

Jameela: Definitely. Siva’s going down.

Nick: Last year, I saw a crutch in the air. You know that someone is having a good time when their pain is cured.

Any beach stories for us?

Jameela: I got to play a game last year with Jason Derulo called ‘Catch crabs from Jameela’ which I felt was classy. Thanks T4. I had to throw crabs into massive pants that Jason Derulo was wearing.

Nick: I wore some too. We both caught crabs from her.

Jameela: That was a high point in my career…

Source: Cosmopolitan

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